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BlackBerry: Back To Black!

BlackBerry 9700 front and back

I opted out of getting a new iPhone and decided to get a BlackBerry (I like to call them CrackBerry)

I had previously used an LG GT505. I dropped this in the toilet (don’t ask!)  soon after getting it but it had done it’s fair share after I had gotten it working again by thoroughly drying it out….

I had decided I’d gotten bored of having a touch screen. So in due course opted for a BlackBerry 9700 – it’s great, it syncs with my Mac, the keyboard looks small but it’s very usable and I have big hands. I am very pleased with it!

It does everything I want of it at the minute.

I shall update when I come across things I like.

Please note: the battery life isn’t great when you have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Facebook app, Twitter app, and MySpace app, as well as the email being pushed to your phone. Switch these off to preserve battery life. On the other hand it is a smarthphone. Oh, and the camera isn’t amazing, but then I have a camera if you want good photos!

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Biggest iPhone rival yet?

The Toshiba TG01 smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.1 I believe has to be undoubtedly the best and biggest attempt to take on the iPhone yet.

It’s running a 1Ghz Qualcomm processor for christ sake! (iPhone/Blackberry run at around ~600-700Mhz)

It has everything, and I mean everything. You’ve got your standard mobile, obviously, but then you have WiFi, built in GPS, possibility of adding hundreds of apps and whatever you think  about it will probably do.

I am very impressed indeed.


Also a video which you can view here sampling the Kinoma Play app on the phone: http://www.vimeo.com/4844983

This I am sure will turn heads. I can see it kick the Blackberry and HTC phones high out the water and be the biggest iPhone alternative out there.