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Facebook is not Twitter – do not get confused!

Earlier on in the year I undertook an interesting but at the time accidental social experiment. Using the popular social network management software TweetDeck – I was posting status updates to both Twitter and Facebook at the same time, because I could!

The amount of abuse I got as a result of this was incredible. Although what was interesting was that, all those complaining were using Facebook. Of course looking back I’ve learnt a lot about what to do and not to do on Facebook before you begin upsetting people and get into controversial arguments and so on.

People didn’t seem to understand that they could hide my updates or even delete me as a ‘Friend’ (Oh, there’s a thought!!) I believe this shows the mentality, or ignorance of many of the Facebook lot I had added.

They would be happy to fill the ‘wall’ with pointless quizzes, and updates from apps they’ve installed (I hate the damn things…) but would get annoyed at short, and sweet, updates from someone else… in my mind completely ignorant but that is, I find, what a lot of people are like on Facebook.

Heading back over to Twitter, which I know was designed to be updated frequently from many locations…. but I find the people that use it ‘cooler’ and ‘friendlier’ in that sense as well?

Or is it just me on this one ha