MG MGF (Purchased October 2012, for £500)

So, admittedly this was very much an impulse purchase. I was bidding on the car on eBay but got out-bid. I initially thought, sod it…. you win some you lose some.

A few days later I get a message from the seller saying that the person who had bid on the car hadn’t been in touch (not very surprised) so I said ‘give it 48hrs, he might get in touch’.

But the weekend came and alas no contact, so I say to my Dad that I’ll go down with cash in hand and offer them no more than £500 – seeing as it was now out of eBay and was a private sale.

So that is indeed what happened; I wouldn’t budge over £500 and a car was bought. With MOT and Tax! A convertible, you say: YES!

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