Playing some vinyl

I have (had) wanted a new record player for a while now. I previously bought a vintage Akai unit on ebay but never found a cartridge for it so it was gathering dust. Luckily I now sold that back on ebay and someone has made good use of it by doing it up and selling it on.

For Christmas my girlfriend got me a nice new Sony record player, and some records (Humble Pie, AC/DC, Motorhead) so I have been geeking out about how to get them scrobbled to Last FM and how I can track them.

I have now registered for DisCogs – you can see the widget on this site now – and have done some further digging about how I can scrobble an analogue audio source.

The closest I have got is an app called ShazamScrobbler for Mac, but this will only work on newer versions of MacOS and would involve me having my laptop on and nearby whilst playing vinyl. I also found a Reddit thread with some further suggestions but some are outdated/no longer working: