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Best server status script I’ve found

I would think some people may be interested in this….. a while a go now, I was looking for a server status script that was good looking, easy to setup and install, and easy to manage.

After some extreme Googling I came across Status2k.

Hope that link saves you some time trying to come across something you could be interested in?

Status 2k Logo

Status2k Logo

It does cost a bit of cash, but the money is worth it as I haven’t found anything better since!

Requirements: PHP, MySQL, web server of course…. and there is a Library that it requires to be enabled in the php.ini file, think it’s IonCube (Status2k is packaged with the latest IonCube Loader files).

They provide a PHP script to check whether the software will run before you go ahead and buy, it can be found here.

The responsibilities of being a Sys Admin

I do have to watch out now, I can see that it could be very easy to abuse your rights being able to access so much…. but at the end of the day it’s about self control and appreciating the fact that others can trust me!

I maintain two Production servers at Bedford College, more for the fact that I’m so used to playing with Apache that I can more or less set it up off by heart, so it’s a real privalige to be given the opportunity to do this.

Apache, MySQL and PHP are my favourite 🙂