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MG Progress Update 3 – Brake calipers restored to orginal colour!

Or at least I hope it’s very near original. Yes, this is how I spent the Sunday just gone. 7hrs  (allowing drying time) to take off one wheel at a time, paint, repaint, put wheel back on, touch up and then repeat with the second wheel.

All good fun, and I really was blessed with the weather (and the fact we had no rain, and the rest of England seemed to get loads!)

I am, needless to say, rather chuffed with the end result.

For those that are interested I used Halfords Brake Caliper Paint – at the time of writing this the price stands at £10.99 for a tin which is more than enough paint.

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Room decorating and such

My bedroom is in desperate need of decorating/tidying up….. clearing out and just general sorting out. I am getting a wee bit annoyed of the mess!

I am thinking, painting the walls in deep purple (not lilac) or pink, and will see how that looks. I will be keeping the ceiling white, and the carpet will have to stay blue for the time being, can’t afford paint as well as new carpet.

I will keep this updated with photos, not sure when I will start; at the minute will see when I can next take a few days off work.

EDIT: I will be attempting to decorate at the end of this month, got the week off work. 19/07/09