Audi A8 (a real European V8)

'Anne' the Audi

‘Anne’ the Audi

So the MGF has been traded in and I’ve finally lived my dream of owning a V8. It may be German, but that doesn’t make a difference, after-all that just means what you get is a refined ride, and the comfort ten times greater than an American beast…

Still, this is nothing to be frowned upon. This was the first of the A8s as manufactured by Audi. It’s a 1997 D2 model but has a 4.2 litre V8 engine and a Bose sound-system. For those that know me I like my music; I’d normally be complaining about Bose not being great but I think they really push the boat out when it comes to in-car audio – this sounds awesome!

It’s a lovely smooth ride and doesn’t feel like a big car when being driven. It’s got a 5-speed auto box with tiptronic – for manual control of gear changes – and it shifts like a tractor on steroids thanks to the 300 odd BHP she pushes out.

We’re going to have fun here!

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