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Moodled out

So, over the last few weeks…. I’ve had the pleasure of setting up a new VLE at Bedford College: Moodle! If you haven’t heard of it, you can find out by visiting the web site.

It’s an Open Source, community based Virtual Learning Environment which is 100% Free! The need arose rather quickly to convert from WebCT 4. something so we had to fast-track from a Development to Production server with a deadline, that at the time was only about two and a half weeks away.

Now, most of the prerequisites to setting up Moodle were already available… we had two servers available, one for the DB and one for the server and Moodle itself to be installed on to.

Most of the server stuff I knew already but for those who are particularly interested, I’ve included a page on some of the stuff that is needed to set up Moodle.

For anyone that’s interested in seeing what it’s all about, the link for Moodle @ Bedford College, is http://moodle.bedford.ac.uk.

All went well and launch day to go Live went well, all Users and Courses had been imported from WebCT using a script (?) and apart from a couple of courses and students who weren’t paired up correctly so far so good….

Will keep you updated in new posts as and when!