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A day’s hard work (or two)

Okay, so possibly slightly delayed – but I’ve been meaning to post this for some time now. I just wanted to show people how much effort gets put in and how much time gets spent prepping a classroom full of new PCs and Monitors.

These photos were taken from the classroom at Bedford College’s Plumbing Centre – where we had to remove the same amount of old computers (about 5 or so years old) to replace them with brand new base units and flat screen monitors.

Everything has to be taken into consideration, as the mentality (not PC) and the general attitude of the students that would be using them is not the best. So you got to think of how to locate them/tie everything down so it can’t be pinched. (A real shame but this is what the world has come to).

Two of us did this, with some help from Staff to clear the empty boxes and packaging. We then had another room to do upstairs…