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2016 – End of year roundup!

This year has been a good one, I think. I have made progress on a personal level with work (found a new job), traveled to new places (Amsterdam, and other locations around England and Wales), made good progress decorating the house and working on the garden.

I have also made progress on my cars, but have definitely made an effort to focus time on other things as well. My girlfriend is very important to me, so I like to spend time with her doing what she enjoys too. We have now been together for nearly two years….. she makes me very happy and has definitely grounded me and I appreciate everything she does (thanks Annabelle!) 🙂

In a recent gift courtesy of The Book of Everyone, my brain consistency is one third “cars”, one third “food” and one third “Berry” (my cat). Life doesn’t always have to be more complicated than it needs to be.

I continue with my freelance work, but have realized that without taking on business contracts I won’t be able to quit the day job. On the plus side that does allow me to charge more and be more picky!

Here’s to wishing that 2017 may be a prosperous year for my friends and family. (And remember your life is what you make it.)

2014 seems just like yesterday. Year roundup!

A lot happened in 2014 – it also went rather quickly for me – here’s a brief summary. Oh and sorry for the brief delay.

1. Made new friends.

2. Traveled to new destinations

3. Turbocharged a car without paying a qualified mechanic or electrician.

4. Bought a house

5. Got a new job.

7. Sold some cars.

8. Lived to die another day

If 2015 is nearly as eventful I’ll be amazed, but never say never. I’ll continue to stay foolish and extend my acquaintances and try and be the best I can.

Cheers to a good year!

2013 – End of Year Roundup

This year has been one for friends, new beginnings, new projects, success and failure. But with every let down something better has come from it and that’s how we should all think. One needs to be positive and always move forward, without hesitation, and remember that good things are always on the horizon.

This year has been a bit of a blur. I sold one car and bought two new ones, changed jobs, made success with Frantik (Whitecherry) and put Death Cap on the back burner whilst that was focused on. Next year I want to take both and make them bigger and better, so watch that space.

I have continued and focused on my workout regime. You can follow my fitness microblog there if you’re interested to hear my musings….

I am also still very involved with Club 85 in Hitchin and working with social media for Rhythms of the World. Music is still something I hold close to my heart.

I can’t remember much from 2012 so  I intend to make 2014 truly special.

Peace and good health to all,

Happy New Year