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MG TF Update 12 – 4-2-1 exhaust manifold!

So this was another ‘biggy’ so to speak and not that cheap either. It was something I’d been recommended to do and something that I thought would continue to improve the flow of exhaust gases from the vehicle and improve the breathing…

To brush up, the car has already had a closed induction kit fitted with cold air feed, as well as a TT Mk7 performance exhaust.

I had purchased the Janspeed manifold from PTP Performance and fitted by a mechanic friend as I’d seen the fitting wasn’t that simple and indeed some grinding was necessary to get the old flexi pipe away from the cat.

All in all good progress!

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MG TF Update 11 – ZandF Remap!

My MG is now configured with a ZandF Remap  (thanks Mark!) – which is claimed to enhance throttle response, power (+12bhp) and economy.

After the remap I felt the car drove much smoother, and there was a noticeable improvement in fuel consumption…

Of course, it’s starting to become the right little bottle rocket, that is comfortable and ‘fun’ to drive as well!

Certainly, this is a recommended addition to the list of things I’ve had done so far.

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MG TF Update 6 – New TT Mk7 Performance Exhaust

Exhaust fitted on the TF

TT Mk7 Exhausted - Fitted on the TF

It had been a long wait – but the wait was well worth it. This exhaust is great, quality is fantastic and it’s one of only a short run of custom exhausts for the MG TF designed by The Surrey Labs, England.

Cost – £329 –  but worth every penny!

We had to grind the old exhaust off and use some brute force as 8 years of rust and corrosion had ensured that it wouldn’t come off easily.

You can find the logs of the fitting on the .org Forums at the following link:


Next step is to fit an inclosed induction kit (but first of all I need some new tyres!). Watch this space…

The TT Exhaust Logo including motto

Loud enough to please, but not loud enough to be antisocial! I will post a video as soon as I get the chance.

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