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I don’t always want the Jaguar.

Continuing from my post, dated January 10th 2010 (http://frantik-web.co.uk/blog/?p=315)

I believe I am growing old, I am listening to Radio 2 driving to and from work, and I have decided that there is too much choice when it comes to buying a damn mobile phone.

Since the release of the iPhone every phone needs look like or act like an iPhone with a touchscreen and smartphone-esque features without being a smartphone, and also I don’t want to have something that costs four hundred pounds all the time.

If I wanted a camera I would buy a camera, not want to have a phone with a 12Mpx camera, or GPS. The iPhone is nice, but it costs to have it.

Today, I put my SIM card in a battered up Nokia I found in Lost Property – the battery still held a charge and the phone then rang when I called my number. Simple!