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Now is as good a time as any to post about life… well what can I say. It’s May 2nd 2011. 12.56 am. And I’ve decided to Blog. This year is going mad fast, rock and roll!

I’ve had some of the best times of my life in the first 5 months of this year! Things are going really well.

I’ve caught up with some old friends and made some great new ones. Death Cap is going really well, my Freelance IT company is going really well and for the umpteenth time I have decided that there is absolutely no point in trying to impress or please others – do what you like because life is relentless. Life could end tomorrow!

And not to mention or forget – that your family is so important to you. You can fall out with every friend you have ever had but just make sure that you stick by your family. They’ll be there for you, if you’re there for them.

Enjoy life, because life is what you make it. Don’t waste it. Enjoy it. Enjoy it for yourself!

Peace out!

EDIT – And did I mention, rock and love, um I meant roll is the fuel for my life.

I entered 2011 with a blast, and partied good!

New Year's Eve Club 85

Up on stage at Club 85, living it

Happy New Year everyone. I spent my NYE at Club 85, Hitchin again and what a night it turned out to be!

The night was hosted by Rogue Music which is fronted by Charlie Frame, and is a Hitchin based music conglomerate. They put on gigs at the club and were asked to organize a party at short notice.

With four bands and 5 DJs and an entry price of £3 I am fairly certain it was the cheapest night out in Hitchin. (Some pubs were charging £10 just for entry, which is just mad)

Needless to say I had a bloody awesome time, the bands were great, the DJs played wicked music and I had much fun.

Cheers Charlie and co!

Girls, act your age!

I honestly don’t get why girls always want to act or try and be older than they really are. Getting pissed outta your face doesn’t look cool love. Certainly not in public, I don’t want to have to peel you up off the floor or make sure you get picked up safe! (Hypocrytical)

And to be honest, why when you’re under eighteen do you want to be eighteen so bad… I will tell you now that’s it’s not all that great. You get to go to a nightclub and buy alcohol yourself but really tell me what’s so good about wanting to be older?

Enjoy your life whilst you can, and don’t waste it on wanting to be the adult. Act your age, you’ll thank me for it later! Take that from someone ‘who’s been there and done that’ yeah?

And the other thing – if you’re going to hit on a guy who’s over eighteen when you’re not that old, don’t – because guess what. They won’t be interested. And if they are they should be asking themselves why!