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2013 – End of Year Roundup

This year has been one for friends, new beginnings, new projects, success and failure. But with every let down something better has come from it and that’s how we should all think. One needs to be positive and always move forward, without hesitation, and remember that good things are always on the horizon.

This year has been a bit of a blur. I sold one car and bought two new ones, changed jobs, made success with Frantik (Whitecherry) and put Death Cap on the back burner whilst that was focused on. Next year I want to take both and make them bigger and better, so watch that space.

I have continued and focused on my workout regime. You can follow my fitness microblog there if you’re interested to hear my musings….

I am also still very involved with Club 85 in Hitchin and working with social media for Rhythms of the World. Music is still something I hold close to my heart.

I can’t remember much from 2012 so  I intend to make 2014 truly special.

Peace and good health to all,

Happy New Year


I entered 2011 with a blast, and partied good!

New Year's Eve Club 85

Up on stage at Club 85, living it

Happy New Year everyone. I spent my NYE at Club 85, Hitchin again and what a night it turned out to be!

The night was hosted by Rogue Music which is fronted by Charlie Frame, and is a Hitchin based music conglomerate. They put on gigs at the club and were asked to organize a party at short notice.

With four bands and 5 DJs and an entry price of £3 I am fairly certain it was the cheapest night out in Hitchin. (Some pubs were charging £10 just for entry, which is just mad)

Needless to say I had a bloody awesome time, the bands were great, the DJs played wicked music and I had much fun.

Cheers Charlie and co!

The end of another year.

So another year is coming to a close, and what a year it has been. It feels as if it’s gone all so quick, but looking back, what I’ve done this year has been crazy.

I’ve not been away on a proper holiday at all, but the number of projects I’ve worked on and started out on properly has been great. My Freelance IT company: Frantik Freelance IT Support/Web Technologies has done pretty well considering I’ve squeezed it inbetween running Death Cap Records and my day job, and hope to continue successfully with that next year.

I’ve worked a great festival voluntarily as artist welfare person and look forward to working on it again 🙂 You should all check out Rythms of The World in Hitchin – great stuff!

During Autumn I came to work and manage Online Promotions for Club 85 in Hitchin (Facebook/Twitter/general web stuff) and have now become a permanent guest of the Club – My heart does lie there, and I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better. When I felt I had no one else to speak to I could always find a friendly face there. Thanks Bob, I really do owe you one!

My Distro Label, Death Cap Records continues to grow and I’m using the power that is Twitter to make loads of great connections, and I’m going to work my ass off getting stuff out to the Press – this will be the next big step. (If anyone is reading this, who happens to be in Music Press, and/or PR get in touch?!)

I’ve put the winter blues aside, given up on people I once classed as ‘friends’ and aim to continue with what I do best and hope to meet safe people on the way.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas, with lots of good cheer (and Beer, but not too much) and a very Happy New Year – all the best for 2010!