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Maybe it’s me, but I believe things have changed.

I’m all good with technology, I love my Apple Mac(s) and I would like an iPhone very much, and will probably be getting one soon once I’m decided on what contract to go with.

But, I’m not sure about you, when reading through the specifications for the iPod Touch one of the features was ‘view your E-Mail like you would on your computer’ or something to that effect. Now – I think I’ve missed something here, I like E-Mail, it’s good, and convenient but I don’t like being able to have access to them all the time. If I go on holiday I want to leave my E-Mail behind, I don’t want a Blackberry and have access to them all the time. (In all fairness there isn’t much point in me having an iPhone apart from desire factor). And yes, the iPod Touch only has Wi-Fi so you’d be able to use it in Hot Spots, your McDonalds or Starbucks etc, or at Home. But then, if I was at home, I’d have my Laptop, and if I wanted to listen to my music I wouldn’t want notifications coming up saying I had new E-Mail.

This all comes down to me needing a new iPod. I opened my old Classic rather than taking it back to an Apple Store, in hindsight this was a very bad thing to do as I ended up breaking it a little bit more. I want something, that I can use to play my music, that’s it. I don’t want to play games, browse the web or check my E-Mail.

Call me old fashioned, but maybe technology has gone too far here? I also don’t want something that may break if I sit on it. The iPod Touch is a lovely piece of kit, but the iPod Classic does everything I want it to do, and is strong enough to withstand being chucked around in my car (I will buy a case for the next one I buy).

Is anyone with me here, or have we all fallen into the trap that is the E-Mail-mad generation?