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Cute things about my cat…

Okay, so my Mazda is still in the garage being worked on, and the nights are drawing in so I’m working on some “catbait” πŸ™‚


Some cute things about my cat include when it knocks at my office door when I’m not in there… and also at night when I go to the loo and it won’t let me go back to sleep as it wants to lay on my chest like it did when it was a kitten (bad habbit) but it’s furry and warm so I don’t mind! He won’t shut up until I lay flat either!

Whilst you’re reading this far, please take a moment to sign the following petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/168135

Having worked and been associated with Club 85 in Hitchin for many many years, I know first hand what it’s like having people move in to the locality of a long established music venue only to complain about noise levels. To add, most venues need to follow local council regulations for noise anyway. Eg. After 12 or 1 am the PA has to be turned down/off.

End of an era, wrapping up Death Cap!


Yeah this is a late post, I’ve been a little busy with other projects recently. Which is also a reason why I’ve decided to focus my efforts elsewhere. I’ll still be involved with music over at Club 85 and Rhythms of the World.

I am not going to stop working with music, but this has given me a chance to relax, take a step back, and support other ventures.

In the future I may bring it back, but like all good things, some things are best laid to rest.

To the future!


Another night, another hotel – Hitchin Priory!

We were in town to attend Hertfordshire Metalfest and needed somewhere to stay the night.

I’d found a double-room available for Β£65 on LateRooms.com the night before so quickly booked it before it went!

Nice, comfortable, rooms… with enough facilities and most importantly a shower with hot water, the best bath towels and a comfy bed. TV not necessary but was good to have a few drinks and watch the tennis before heading out!

The breakfast was included in the price and was recommended also, very good.

It gets a thumbs up from me! Look at the Sun Hotel first though, as this ones a bit pricy if you catch it at the wrong time.

For more information you can visit this site!