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Another night, another hotel – Hitchin Priory!

We were in town to attend Hertfordshire Metalfest and needed somewhere to stay the night.

I’d found a double-room available for £65 on LateRooms.com the night before so quickly booked it before it went!

Nice, comfortable, rooms… with enough facilities and most importantly a shower with hot water and a comfy bed. TV not necessary but was good to have a few drinks and watch the tennis before heading out!

The breakfast was included in the price and was recommended also, very good.

It gets a thumbs up from me! Look at the Sun Hotel first though, as this ones a bit pricy if you catch it at the wrong time.

For more information you can visit this site!

Best days of my life – Part 1

Jack Delany/TEOAT

The Eyes Of A Traitor (c) mangakamaiden photography

Last weekend was one of the best night’s of this year, in my mind! Firstly, I had a Half Day from work, I had some holiday to take from work that I had to take as I couldn’t carry it all til next year.

Then The Eyes Of A Traitor (http://www.myspace.com/theeyesofatraitor) were playing my home venue, town, and the venue I work at – Club 85 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

To top that I had been catching up with a friend who I’ve only recently got in touch with again after a good few years – who then decided that he’d call The Sun Hotel to see if they had rooms left. Which they did.

Something else came across to me – how many good friends I have. And how many people I associate on a regular basis but don’t talk to enough.

After Staropramen had ran out dry I continued drinking Stella Artois which got me fired up and I ended up in the pit for Traitor. Good times.

Music, friends, and doing daft things is what makes this life GOOD. Join me on my adventure.

My Passion – A very dedicated fan base!

My recent experiences attending a My Passion gig at Club 85, Hitchin lead me to do some in depth research into the bands history and their fan base.

Now not to be sexist at all, but I will begin by saying their fans consist of mainly girls. No problems here, I’m not complaining. It does lead to them being stereotyped though. The band members are all good looking, young guys – any teenage girl not to like them would be mad or blind.

Most bands wouldn’t expect to see people coming to see them from the other side of the country though, or from abroad even. The band who were playing a small show in preparation for the Kerrang! Tour with Young Guns are now playing all over the UK and indeed this has people flying in from all over – for what most would consider to be ‘small’ shows.

The gig at Club 85 on 19th January had several girls travel from Oxford, Birmingham and Bournemouth for the one show. Some were then traveling on to Nottingham in the morning to follow the band across further gigs.

The band have gotten so good, and they deserve the fans they have got.

They honestly are lovely guys, friendly and supporting and appreciate the continuous support from everyone. I really do hope they do well.

Personally, I think their fan base is mad. On the other hand the band are from Hitchin, and I class it as my home town. So haters, please remove yourself from society!