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RIM recommended I don’t downgrade my BB OS, but I did anyway!

DM from BlackBerryHelp on Twitter

DM from BlackBerryHelp on Twitter

Yes, that’s right. I was left with a near useless BlackBerry Bold 9700 (originally shipping with OS 5) after having upgrading to 6. Normally an upgrade is a good thing, but it turned my previously very good phone into nothing more than an expensive paper weight.

As you can imagine I was not too impressed. I couldn’t find an obvious way to downgrade to a previous OS and as you can see from the screen shot I’ve taken, RIM weren’t too forthcoming with help…

There was no obvious way of downgrading to a previous OS from BlackBerry Desktop for Mac and I only found out how to go back when trying to upgrade! Yes, I’m fairly certain the only way you can attempt to downgrade is when clicking on the option to install/update software. (Don’t quote me). I eventually managed to downgrade to OS5 again from 6 and my phone is useable again. Surely other people experienced this issue? The 9700 is near useless running 6 but RIM didn’t seem to acknowledge this!

Either way, I’ve not been too impressed with RIM’s customer service, and their well publicized recent outage hasn’t filled me with too much confidence.

BlackBerry: Back To Black!

BlackBerry 9700 front and back

I opted out of getting a new iPhone and decided to get a BlackBerry (I like to call them CrackBerry)

I had previously used an LG GT505. I dropped this in the toilet (don’t ask!)  soon after getting it but it had done it’s fair share after I had gotten it working again by thoroughly drying it out….

I had decided I’d gotten bored of having a touch screen. So in due course opted for a BlackBerry 9700 – it’s great, it syncs with my Mac, the keyboard looks small but it’s very usable and I have big hands. I am very pleased with it!

It does everything I want of it at the minute.

I shall update when I come across things I like.

Please note: the battery life isn’t great when you have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Facebook app, Twitter app, and MySpace app, as well as the email being pushed to your phone. Switch these off to preserve battery life. On the other hand it is a smarthphone. Oh, and the camera isn’t amazing, but then I have a camera if you want good photos!

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Maybe it’s me, but I believe things have changed.

I’m all good with technology, I love my Apple Mac(s) and I would like an iPhone very much, and will probably be getting one soon once I’m decided on what contract to go with.

But, I’m not sure about you, when reading through the specifications for the iPod Touch one of the features was ‘view your E-Mail like you would on your computer’ or something to that effect. Now – I think I’ve missed something here, I like E-Mail, it’s good, and convenient but I don’t like being able to have access to them all the time. If I go on holiday I want to leave my E-Mail behind, I don’t want a Blackberry and have access to them all the time. (In all fairness there isn’t much point in me having an iPhone apart from desire factor). And yes, the iPod Touch only has Wi-Fi so you’d be able to use it in Hot Spots, your McDonalds or Starbucks etc, or at Home. But then, if I was at home, I’d have my Laptop, and if I wanted to listen to my music I wouldn’t want notifications coming up saying I had new E-Mail.

This all comes down to me needing a new iPod. I opened my old Classic rather than taking it back to an Apple Store, in hindsight this was a very bad thing to do as I ended up breaking it a little bit more. I want something, that I can use to play my music, that’s it. I don’t want to play games, browse the web or check my E-Mail.

Call me old fashioned, but maybe technology has gone too far here? I also don’t want something that may break if I sit on it. The iPod Touch is a lovely piece of kit, but the iPod Classic does everything I want it to do, and is strong enough to withstand being chucked around in my car (I will buy a case for the next one I buy).

Is anyone with me here, or have we all fallen into the trap that is the E-Mail-mad generation?