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MG Progress Update 4 – A new stereo (earlier than planned!)


Howdy, so yes things are coming on well. I was hit by a stroke of luck with this one really. I had received some vouchers from Bedford College to spend in shops around Bedford – all part of the Bedford BID scheme.
This, I thought, was quite generous!

What was even better was that Argos were one of the shops listed where I could spend the vouchers at so naturally I had a quick look through their catalogue to make sure that they did car stereos – which they did!

I’d already got a Kenwood unit in the car, which I was pleased with, so thought I’d go down that route again. I picked up a Kenwood KDC-415UR CD/Radio/USB/Aux unit mainly because it was the most expensive I could get with £100 of vouchers and secondly because it seemed like the best I could get for the money that would let me plug my iPod in.

It also came with a set of free speakers – but the factory fitted ones seem pretty awesome for now!

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