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Living with a V8

Audi A8

You all might be poo pooing me for driving a gas guzzling V8 in times of global warming crisis but in all fairness it’s not all that bad…

I was very pleased to see that I’m averaging 24Mpg in my Audi A8. This car has a 4,2 Litre V8 engine and is 17 years old.

I can drive the car in complete comfort with its Bose sound system and double glazing, did I mention that it’s an automatic too?

Admittedly it doesn’t quite make the same noise as an American V8, mainly due to its complex array of catalysers – if I fitted it with a straight through system it would probably growl!

Talking about growling – it does just that at 5500 RPM and higher – woops- there goes the fuel!

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Cruising to Southend

Marshes at Leigh-on-sea

Marshes at Leigh-on-sea

Why Southend you may ask? Well, it’s the nearest place I could think of along the coast that I hadn’t been to and seemed like an easy place to cruise to in the Audi. Fair game then…

I had also wanted to check out Essex Mustang Centre (which I soon found was shut on a Sunday).

So the Audi drove down nice and smooth, a very comfy drive taking around an hour and a half. This, compared to three to Norfolk, makes this a do-able alternative.

I had some fun mucking around with a Corsa B slammed to the ground and kickdown (obviously the Corsa had no chance unless it was a redtop, unlikely).

Chevy Nova

Nice Chevy Nova spotted

I spent the day walking – probably did around 5 or 6 miles – and finished off with cod and chips and completing my Eric Clapton autobiography. A Bank Holiday weekend put to good use!


Being an auto the drive back was effortless and could be enjoyed even with a fair amount of heavy traffic 🙂

Audi – Progress Update 2

Since buying the Audi I’ve been rather busy. See the last Update. I’ve now had the rolling road. done – and she ran 250bhp with the stock air filter and exhaust and everything as is. You can see the pic of the dyno run chart here.

The Longlife exhaust has now been fitted, they had it in a day longer as a part arrived late, and they needed to road test some more. No quibbles at all with the service and Herts Auto Tek kept me well informed.

Here’s a pic of the tailpipe:

Longlife ExhaustAs you can see, it looks great. Compared with the factory ‘pea shooter’ twin I’ve replaced with a single oval tailpipe. Hopefully this cat-back system will improve exhaust flow no end. Here’s a video of the car running so you can get a feel of the sound. I’ve also got a before video which you can see on my YouTube account.

I’ve also fitted a K&N panel filter, the last air filter probably hadn’t been changed in a long while. And what a state it was. I’ve not seen anything that bad in any of the cars I’ve owned.

Here’s a before:

Stock airfilterYou can find the video of before and after on YouTube.

Today I also fixed some of the rubber trim around the sunroof using EvoStick as this was hanging loose. Personally, I think the car had been sitting for some time previously.

The next thing to take place will be a full service (minus the air filter) and the remap.

First things first though, a new job must be found. So, if you know of anyone with a need for a 2nd Line IT Support technician with vast experience please get in touch! 🙂


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