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2011 – End of Year Roundup!

Wow! The end of another year is upon us….. and what a year it’s been. Some really good memories this year – I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

From having several great times with friends new and old (various posts), changing jobs (not going so well), getting a sports car (one of the best moments of the year) to replacing my stereo with a 1989 Sony model (view stereo setup) to enjoying many many happy driving days with the top down. I don’t think I can summarize in a few paragraphs …

Work on all my projects is going well, my Freelance IT work (Frantik) has really started to pick up and with the help of word of mouth everything else is going jolly well. Death Cap Records (my record label) is continuing to build and am starting to really get a feel as to what I want to get out of it. I am also working on another project which I really hope will materialize soon, will write more as it does!

I must also add that it’s continued to be a great pleasure doing work for Club 85 in Hitchin – big thanks go to Bob and everyone there. You’re my second family!

In October, the death of Steve Jobs (my post) hit me most probably worse than most people – Apple has been part of my life since I was around 11 and earlier, and has a lot to do with my interest in computers and more. My Dad got me into Macs, and we had a Quadra (I think) before getting an iMac 350 in 2001. Many, many, happy memories indeed.  I had a kind of emotional attachment to Steve and the Apple brand he had saved from 1997 onwards … as did many people … this also leads me to iTunes and the iPod – all devised by Steve whilst he was in charge of Apple again, and as you know, music is a big part of my life. So in one way or other – that day was very upsetting and I still can’t help well up when reading or watching about him… most recently when receiving his biography for Christmas… and indeed again now writing this (?!)

I think it would only be just to say in the words of Steve then:

Stay hungry, Stay foolish!

All the best for 2012, may it be the year of progress and good health!

P.S. Yes I am still single … any offers? 🙂

Steve Jobs RIP – My Condolences

Steve Jobs and Wozniak

Steve Jobs revolutionised the way people think, the way people work and the way people live.

The way people go about every day life will not be the same without them running into something that Apple have created or had influence over.

Words cannot describe how I feel.

My thoughts are with his family and all those who loved him – they aren’t in short supply.


Now is as good a time as any to post about life… well what can I say. It’s May 2nd 2011. 12.56 am. And I’ve decided to Blog. This year is going mad fast, rock and roll!

I’ve had some of the best times of my life in the first 5 months of this year! Things are going really well.

I’ve caught up with some old friends and made some great new ones. Death Cap is going really well, my Freelance IT company is going really well and for the umpteenth time I have decided that there is absolutely no point in trying to impress or please others – do what you like because life is relentless. Life could end tomorrow!

And not to mention or forget – that your family is so important to you. You can fall out with every friend you have ever had but just make sure that you stick by your family. They’ll be there for you, if you’re there for them.

Enjoy life, because life is what you make it. Don’t waste it. Enjoy it. Enjoy it for yourself!

Peace out!

EDIT – And did I mention, rock and love, um I meant roll is the fuel for my life.