My Stereo Set-up

Sony TA-F400

This is what I use to listen to my music, and I’m not going to lie, I am rather proud of this:

Old – Technics AV Control Receiver SA-DX950 (Review)

New – 1989 SONY TA-F400 (Spec) Packs in more punch and more bass at lower volumes. Also produces less heat so my room is now also cooler. Plus it just looks awesome!

Technics Compact Disc Player SL-PG4 (Amazon Page; Review; Review)

Genus DU1 DAB Receiver

Pair of Magnat Monitors (Monitor 220 in Black)

Apple’s iTunes and iPod

Other things I’m using and/or have previously tested:

Squeezebox Server (formally SqueezeCenter) and SqueezePlay

Stream music to any MP3 Software Player on your network and play on either a Windows, Mac, or Linux box or plug into a stereo using one of the Squeezebox hardware controllers :-)

Just great software and hardware in general. It’ll make you smile. – Think I might save up for a Squeezebox!

Simplify Media

Lets you share your music library between users running on Windows and Mac. It works with iTunes and WinAmp and shares music over the Internet.

This has now been bought by Google! Although not sure what they’re going to be using it for yet…..