Alumina – another MG

MGF VVC mk2Here we go again…. after my Mercedes failed its MOT and I was quoted around £1700 to fix… I was on the hunt for another reliable daily. I needed something I didn’t have to worry about breaking down. This is probably one of the newest and recently more expensive cars (around £1k) that I have bought.

It’s a 2001 mk2 MGF VVC with around 44,500 miles on the clock. Unfortunately it doesn’t have much service history, so will probably have it checked for Head Gasket Failure (HGF) in the new year.

I’ve already put in a place a “no modifications for 3 months” rule, to allow me to just drive and enjoy it.

All I’ve done so far is replace the wiper blades. It needs some new tyres so I’ll do that next. That aside, I do have plans in place for it, including upgrading to 52mm throttle body, stainless backbox and induction kit with cold air intake.

People ask, why another MG? This is probably the cheapest way to get 140 odd bhp 🙂