Mercedes 190E 2.0 Auto


Here is my “baby Benz”. My own 190E that I bagged for a fairly good deal but have now invested a fair amount of cash in to ensure it maintains road worthiness and safety. I like it. It’s practical, comfortable to drive, fairly economical (for the year) and looks good. It’s not fast, really not fast! See a review of the manual 1986 model from Regular Car reviews here….

As with all classic cars, and older cars, you end up fixing one thing only for something else to break. But my argument always has been that the electronics are simple and the only serious problems can be mechanical. So far this has been the case.

You can view various posts about the car as I post to them, and I’ll be sure to link them accordingly.

For now that’s about it. I’ve had the car for one year now, and insist on owning it for at least three.

If you own one then I would love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch.