MG TF Update 9 – Windscreen Washer feeder joint cracked [FIXED]

Cracked elbow joint

Cracked elbow joint

So, as can be seen, the elbow joint had cracked in the cold.

I’d initially thought that the nozzle was blocked, so took a needle to it but on opening the bonnet soon came to realise the issue when washer fluid had coated everything.

Luckily, after taking a quick look at the .org Forum, I found I didn’t need this elbow joint anyway and having removed it, found there was no longer an issue.

One can add heated washer jets (as fitted to later TF’s; read here: but I found these to be too expensive.

It has been noted that fitting Citroen jets give a better washer fluid distribution. These aren’t too expensive:

For now I shall see how long this ‘free’ mod will last.

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