MG TF Update 6 – New TT Mk7 Performance Exhaust

Exhaust fitted on the TF

TT Mk7 Exhausted - Fitted on the TF

It had been a long wait – but the wait was well worth it. This exhaust is great, quality is fantastic and it’s one of only a short run of custom exhausts for the MG TF designed by The Surrey Labs, England.

Cost – £329 –  but worth every penny!

We had to grind the old exhaust off and use some brute force as 8 years of rust and corrosion had ensured that it wouldn’t come off easily.

You can find the logs of the fitting on the .org Forums at the following link:

Next step is to fit an inclosed induction kit (but first of all I need some new tyres!). Watch this space…

The TT Exhaust Logo including motto

Loud enough to please, but not loud enough to be antisocial! I will post a video as soon as I get the chance.

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