Best days of my life – Part 1

Jack Delany/TEOAT

The Eyes Of A Traitor (c) mangakamaiden photography

Last weekend was one of the best night’s of this year, in my mind! Firstly, I had a Half Day from work, I had some holiday to take from work that I had to take as I couldn’t carry it all til next year.

Then The Eyes Of A Traitor ( were playing my home venue, town, and the venue I work at – Club 85 in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

To top that I had been catching up with a friend who I’ve only recently got in touch with again after a good few years – who then decided that he’d call The Sun Hotel to see if they had rooms left. Which they did.

Something else came across to me – how many good friends I have. And how many people I associate on a regular basis but don’t talk to enough.

After Staropramen had ran out dry I continued drinking Stella Artois which got me fired up and I ended up in the pit for Traitor. Good times.

Music, friends, and doing daft things is what makes this life GOOD. Join me on my adventure.