A blog about dieting!

I am 6ft 4″ or near as damn it, 32″ waist and 36″ leg. Current weight is 11st 4Lbs

It’s a load of bollocks! Pay money to lose weight, are you stark raving mad? This is an easy way to lose weight effectively – people have always said you are what you eat, right… so all you need to do is look at what you eat and what you do.

First things first, if you drink tea or coffee minimise the milk and sugar content. Two spoons of sugar max, preferably no milk, certainly in coffee. And you will drink at least 2Litres of water, I fill up a bottle and keep it chilled, I then pour glasses from that – your urine wants to be running clear (obviously harder for girls to check but work it out roughly).

Then you will eat breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day, more so than lunch or dinner and is the only meal that has to jump start you and help you keep going. Drink a glass of OJ with that if you can.

You will cut out all chocolate bars from your daily diet – completely unnecessary. You will also cut fizzy drinks and crisps. Yep, you heard it.

You will then walk, and not use any escalators or elevators. And if you’re able to walk to work, or ride a bike, do! You will park your car out of town and walk in etc.

If you get hungry in between Breakfast and Lunch and Lunch and Dinner you will eat fruit whether you like it or not. Try smoothies if you really can’t stand fruit at all. But no ice cream in there, use crushed ice! People will say it’s wrong, but I fight the hunger, I have lunch at either 12 or 1pm when I’m at work. If I’m hungry before that fight it, eat fruit, but not excessively.

You will try and go to bed at a reasonable time.

The biggest unknown quantity is alcohol. Beer, Wine, and Spirits has a phenomenal amount of sugar and calories in it – a bottle of wine has around 500 calories, so yes, you will have to cut down the amount you drink if you want to lose weight.

What’s the big deal?

Feel free to ask any questions.

  • I love this! And it really does work.

  • I wouldn’t be posting if it didn’t 🙂

  • i love this it is soo soo true and well worded i already do most of it already lol like walking to and from station ever day to work and i walk about on my breaks rather than just sitting in office

  • Cheers mate!

  • Zyzz

    OP im confused, doesnt fruit and OJ contain excess amounts of sugar?

  • It’s good sugar though, as opposed to sugar that you get in fatty foods.

  • I always believe reducing the intake of rice will make the difference. And hence I am having oats with milk in the afternoon, do you think the milk intake here affects my diet?
    Later for the dinner I just take 2 apples. What do you think of this?
    What alternatives can I take?

  • I always think that as long as you have three meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner you should be okay.
    Make sure you eat fruit and vegetables
    Try not to snack too much on chocolate and chips/crisps etc

    Oats is good and so is milk, try to use skimmed

    Most importantly, everything in moderation!