HP – You don’t make life easy!

HP TouchSmart TM2

So, I am the new owner of HP’s TouchSmart TM2 Tablet PC.

As I work at an educational institution we have a license agreement for Windows 7 Enterprise – as the Tablet came with Home Premium it had to come off. (Premium also won’t allow you to join the computer to a Domain, which we use).

So  after attempting to upgrade from Home Premium to Enterprise and failing I had to go about doing a clean install. This was fairly straight forward and was completed without any problems.

It was when I came to installing drivers that I had some trouble and will now grumble. First of all according to the HP Update web site (here) the software and drivers listed here was all the software available. After then digging around and Googling lots I came across the Touch Smart site which then brought me back to the HP drivers site again – but this time for the TX2-1055ee model. Which then had more software, such as the finger print DigitalPersona Personal software. The mind boggles!

I’ve now discovered that the previous software installed when I got the tablet was moved to a ‘Windows.old’ folder on the C:\ drive so I can now see what hasn’t been installed yet. I believe a lot of the software may not be compatible with Windows 7 Enterprise edition 64bit. But we’ll see.

I will update this shortly for your information and reading pleasure.

Update 1: Having found a Forum post – it seems I overlooked the obvious; there’s a folder on the C:\ drive called ‘SwSetup’ with all drivers and previously pre-loaded software. So I’m going through that now!