Best server status script I’ve found

I would think some people may be interested in this….. a while a go now, I was looking for a server status script that was good looking, easy to setup and install, and easy to manage.

After some extreme Googling I came across Status2k.

Hope that link saves you some time trying to come across something you could be interested in?

Status 2k Logo

Status2k Logo

It does cost a bit of cash, but the money is worth it as I haven’t found anything better since!

Requirements: PHP, MySQL, web server of course…. and there is a Library that it requires to be enabled in the php.ini file, think it’s IonCube (Status2k is packaged with the latest IonCube Loader files).

They provide a PHP script to check whether the software will run before you go ahead and buy, it can be found here.