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Running a Mazda MX-5 with TunerStudio

I was about to name the title of this as “tuning a Mazda” but as mine currently sits being worked on by Track Tek I renamed the post to “running a Mazda…”.

This is going to be an ongoing piece to try and help others with getting their car up and running with an aftermarket ECU (in my case a Megasquirt PnP), and wideband AFR, (in my case Innovate LC-2).

I am going to try and list my “not to do, don’t skimp, you are better paying some money” list but can’t guarantee how quickly I will get this post done as it’s going to be a matter of starting from the beginning for me too.

Only until recently have I enlisted professional help in getting the car properly sorted. The initial build I did on my parent’s drive with the help of my Dad but it has gotten progressively more extreme to the point where I can’t use it as a daily driven vehicle. Hopefully when it is back up and working I’ll be able to work on it to the point I can drive it to work once a week at least 😉

Mantra – if it’s turbocharged, and modified, especially where it doesn’t come from the factory as such be prepared to spend some money!

To be continued…


Scruffy back, with rudimentary boot lock (looking to fit drift spec latches). Custom 3″ downpipe back catless exhaust with 4″ tip)