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Ten reasons to get a cat!

I don’t really have this many reasons, other than it’s a catchy title and works to get the views… 😉

I had always wanted to get a cat since I’d moved and owned my own house and it was on the ‘list’. I have lots of lists and I always feel satisfied when ticking something off.

So, a cat was on the cards, but it wasn’t until I met my girlfriend that she got the ball rolling. We couldn’t have a dog as we’re both working during the day and it’s cruel to leave it and not good for the psyche of the dog.

A cat on the other hand is fairly independent, you provide it with food and water and a place to sleep and it will be content and provide you with satisfaction through purring and being soft and cuddly and something to talk to without sounding like you’re going crazy!!

So if anyone asks, gets a cat! Ours is faulty though as it squeaks and doesn’t meow so I may need to file an RMA for it to be replaced soon.

Now if you want 14 reasons to get a cat check this link LifeHack – 14 reasons to get a cat 🙂

Visiting Amsterdam for the first time 

Red Light District

Canal Tour

Amsterdam Museum

I visited Amsterdam for the first time with my girlfriend in February over the Valentines weekend. If you’re looking to go expect it to be busy then (and expensive) but that’s to be expected anywhere. We went for 3 days flying out early on the Friday so we got a full day out of it.

We flew with easyJet from Stanstead with my Dad doing taxi duties. My parents kindly let us stay the night before as we were closer.

Flight is so short that you spend more time at airport security and departure lounge than in the air 🙂

Once we landed we got the train from the airport to the main train station where we got off to buy tickets for the tram network. Trams are great in that you pay for a day ticket and you just get on and off swiping on the machine when you get in which checks you in/out. Very civilised! Our hotel was the Best Western (just outside of town, link to TripAdvisor review to be added).

We visited the Sex Museum, Red Light District, main museum (check name) and ate a lot of good food including crepes which they do really well with fruit and cream etc!

My parents also gave us tickets to get a river tour which was a good way of seeing lots of sights and history in a short amount of time so would definitely recommend that if you are planning on going!

The rest of the time it rained a lot and was freezing cold! We got wet and a bit moody having to lug heavy rucksacks around so would definitely recommend paying the extra and taking a suitcase… This will allow you to enjoy your trip more. I could write more but I’m running out of time so will add the links to reviews and fact check later.

The general consensus is that we would definitely like to go back and maybe spend some time in a coffee shop 😉

Hope you enjoyed the read.

Quality of Life (QoL) is Everything

Over the last year I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how to enjoy life better. Without going in to too much detail I will bullet point the facts!

  1. Distance you commute to work; I commute 10 miles a day. 15 minutes to work/15 minutes back. So all you recruiters offering a job in Peterborough or London… I’m not interested. And remember how the old saying goes “work for a living”
  2. Money isn’t everything – the money I’m saving on not paying the extra on petrol to commute is real… Time is also money. I’d rather spend time not working but on hobbies and other tasks than working
  3. Look after plants and tend a garden if you have one. Time in the sun is your natural source of Vitamin 10. You will feel happier and more relaxed and not so stressed!
  4. Focus on saving money for a house deposit and not spending so much on rent! It’s cheaper than you may think and there are several government incentives to assist (Help to Buy, ISA planes etc)
  5. Fitness and Health. I 5BX every day and try my best to eat 5 Fruit/Veg every day!
  6. My girlfriend (who I’ve been with 10 months now) is amazing and has taught me to take a load off and chill!