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Ranting about Role Models

Chris Drew

I’ve just updated by Blog software so now’s a good time for a new blog post. This one has been on the list for some time.

I had seen many images about a couple of people, namely Christopher Drew from Never Shout Never, about a year ago. Several pictures on Instagram of him smoking weed. I’ve got nothing against this, but when you’re 22 or 23 and famous, and have a relatively young fanbase across the world, I do have a problem with it.

In the same way that you more or less know what kind of things you get up to when you’re in a band and on the road, but when you’re publicly advertising this for your young fans to see I don’t think is a cool thing. Keep it off the camera if you’re going to, is what I think!

This kid has been famous more or less since 16 or 17 and that’s got to have some kind of detrimental impact on his life. Other than that he seems like a modern day chill hippie dude.