Monthly Archives: January 2015

Quality of life is important!

Some people have asked why I have moved to a town where I know very few people, or where I haven’t really visited much in the past at all. Well, now I am going to clear some things up.

My commute to work is 15 minutes without traffic. I can cycle to work on cycle ways which don’t run along busy roads. If worst comes to worst I can walk to work.

I’m saving nearly two whole hours a day. I can sleep longer and not have to get up so early.

So yes, I could have saved some more, or moved into a smaller house, or had somewhere without offroad parking or a garden, but I get all of those things with a shorter commute. That is why I moved where I have moved to!

And when it comes to it, ‘home’ is only an hour away!

2014 seems just like yesterday. Year roundup!

A lot happened in 2014 – it also went rather quickly for me – here’s a brief summary. Oh and sorry for the brief delay.

1. Made new friends.

2. Traveled to new destinations

3. Turbocharged a car without paying a qualified mechanic or electrician.

4. Bought a house

5. Got a new job.

7. Sold some cars.

8. Lived to die another day

If 2015 is nearly as eventful I’ll be amazed, but never say never. I’ll continue to stay foolish and extend my acquaintances and try and be the best I can.

Cheers to a good year!