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Mazda – December Project Update

Did you all have a good Christmas? I certainly did, as I got the MX5 up and running again. To run down briefly, I put it in the garage in October to prep pre MOT (a few mods required, including fixing horn, wiring up rear fog light). I also asked the garage to fit a new water pump and fix a wheel bearing.

After this stage it just wouldn’t rev correctly. I was always under the impression that it must be something mechanical, but as it runs an aftermarket ECU and I’m still new to this thing, it didn’t quite dawn on me how much the computer and brain of the car had in controlling spark and ignition pattern and timing.

Long story cut short, I reset the whole system, starting from scratch. This involved loading a basemap, fuel map, AFR (air fuel) tables and so on.

The car is running again, and here’s a video.


I honestly can’t remember whether I’ve written about my experiences with dating sites or not, but I thought I’d write a little something now.

I have been a member of Plenty of Fish for some time. It’s a free dating site with a paid subscription service, but much more focus is on the free side. Many of the features are in fact available for free, search, “Meet Me” and full messaging facilities are all free. Unfortunately this also means that you get a lot of people who sign up to use it, give it a week, and then don’t use it. Many don’t remove their account again so this leaves searchable inactive profiles in the search results.
It also means many don’t take the site seriously. I have found some girls on there that were the right match, I guess you could say, but unfortunately it didn’t work out.
For the time spent sending messages and not getting anywhere enough is enough.

I have paid for a subscription dating site, welcome, probably one of the more well known subscription dating sites. Unlike POF, many of the features are restricted if you don’t pay. You don’t even get messaging functionality. So, this is a go. I’ve just bought into a year sub to a dating site. If I’m not married by next year I’ll sue them…. only joking… or am I?!

Watch this space!