Monthly Archives: April 2014

The social aspects of coffee drinking


I like coffee, who doesn’t though… but like all things it began as as a social drink.

That’s where I want to discuss why the Espresso is somewhat of an antisocical conundrum. Much like vodka shots. Get your caffeine fix and move on, bam, 1 minute and it’s gone. You can’t sit and read the newspaper or chat over that, and if you have too many you’re wired.

So, with respect to that, as much as I don’t mind shots of caffeine I do much appreciate a pot of coffee where I can lounge and take my time drinking it, and not for it to be gone in a mouthful… it also gives you an excuse to take a load off and relax, right?

Relax, that’s a rarely used word in the 21st Century, right?