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Visiting Wales (in a 24 year old MX-5)

Bangor at NightA couple of weeks ago, I drove my friend back to Uni in Bangor, Wales for the next term. I could have driven my Audi, but I decided to drive my 24 year old Mk1 MX5… to test my mechanical expertise (it didn’t fall apart which is a good thing), and to give the engine a good run.

Needless to say it didn’t skip a beat … it took two of us, plus luggage, a roundtrip of around 236 miles, and me back, in total more or less 500 miles.

It ran cool, and cruised quite happily at 70… keeping up with modern traffic. Weighing in at under a tonne, that’s not surprising.

Bangor was an interesting night out, and I enjoyed it so much I’m going back for my birthday in  a week or so…

Want a cheap and fun to run roadster, you can do no wrong with buying a Mk1 MX5. £1000 will get you a very smart number, or if you’re willing to do a little work, then £500 will get you a runner!

More news on the roadster and projects can be viewed here:

Three of my favourite things: Alexis Korner, ale and the blues

Alexis Korner biography

Alexis Korner

The majority of people I speak to don’t know who Alexis Korner is, so I thought I would write about him.

He has been christened ‘a founding father of British Blues‘ and The Rolling Stones amongst many, many, others have him to thank for where they are today. Led Zep probably wouldn’t be here weren’t it for him.

He was instrumental in the influence of the British music scene in the 60s, and was a major factor in bringing together various Blues musicians.

I first came across him on a music documentary but have since read his biography (which I highly recommend). I think he’s a class act.

Enjoy this video, where he’s playing with Steve Marriott, and Nick South…

Ale, another of my favourite things, is also excellent in my mind, as it highlights supporting local businesses, local pubs and brewery and I’d much rather support something like that than mass produced beers. Support your local pubs as they need all the support they can get.

Thirdly, the blues, another of my favourite things. A music genre that can be so diverse and complex yet so simple and beautiful.
You don’t have to be a fan of the blues to like blues music. Nearly every rock and roll band will have been influenced by the blues, and many wouldn’t have existed had it not been for Alexis Korner. Full circle.

As a footnote, I don’t agree with Dryanuary – get out there, and drink some real ale, at a real pub, and watch some live music while you’re at it.

Club 85, in Hitchin, is a great place to do both…