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What’s wrong with online dating?

After all our online chats...

After all our online chats…

Many people seem to have a ‘thing’ about online dating, seem to think that it’s a bit of a joke… but the fact is it’s very popular and funnily enough we are in the 21st Century and if you think about it it’s a very logical idea.

This is the Internet-enabled age. We’re all using ‘i’ devices and nearly all of us are connected when on the go so it makes a lot of sense to use online dating, not necessarily instead of going out and meeting people, and socialising, but as an aid. It certainly and most probably gets you talking to people you wouldn’t necessarily meet or who are outside of your friendship groups.

A chart from 2006 - online dating has only grown in popularity since then

A chart from 2006 – online dating has only grown in popularity since then

I, for one, have used Plenty of Fish (POF) for a while and to some success in that I was dating someone for a while … and as that is a 100% success rate for me personally, why not give it a go. I have tried other sites, but without paying for it (which I refuse to do) this is probably the best free site. Check it out at

Hopefully, this may change your mind about online dating. It’s certainly used by a lot more people than you think, and I wouldn’t put it past a lot of your friends to have used online dating as an alternative in the past or something they are using now. As a result of me using it, I’ve also got a few of my friends using it with success.