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Cruising to Southend

Marshes at Leigh-on-sea

Marshes at Leigh-on-sea

Why Southend you may ask? Well, it’s the nearest place I could think of along the coast that I hadn’t been to and seemed like an easy place to cruise to in the Audi. Fair game then…

I had also wanted to check out Essex Mustang Centre (which I soon found was shut on a Sunday).

So the Audi drove down nice and smooth, a very comfy drive taking around an hour and a half. This, compared to three to Norfolk, makes this a do-able alternative.

I had some fun mucking around with a Corsa B slammed to the ground and kickdown (obviously the Corsa had no chance unless it was a redtop, unlikely).

Chevy Nova

Nice Chevy Nova spotted

I spent the day walking – probably did around 5 or 6 miles – and finished off with cod and chips and completing my Eric Clapton autobiography. A Bank Holiday weekend put to good use!


Being an auto the drive back was effortless and could be enjoyed even with a fair amount of heavy traffic 🙂