Monthly Archives: February 2013

Nights out in Oxford

Oxford is a lovely, lovely place. I have come to the conclusion of this after only being there a couple of times and both at night / late evening.

The people are different, and it’s definitely more friendly than some places you can visit.

The first time I visited, in December 2012, we were recommended The Living Room to eat at which is absolutely fabulous and probably some of the best food I’ve ever had to eat… in some of the most stylish surroundings. The waitress was hot, the food was hotter and there was live music (guitar and piano) afterwards in the bar area. The drinks they served were also top notch!

On asking the waitress where to go on to drink we were recommended Raoul’s Bar! This turned out to be rated ‘One of the top 50 bars on earth’ – Sunday Times 2012.

On my second visit for my Birthday last weekend, we were recommended Lola Lo’s by some very nice ladies in Raoul’s. (At least I think that’s where we ended up). Ultimately they know how do things properly! I would also highly recommend you try a Bourbon Street! Very tasty!

Both times we stayed at the Victoria Hotel, which is reasonably priced, considering that it’s a 25-30 minute walk from the centre.

I recommend you visit Oxford!