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Going that extra mile: A fitness update!

Spoon of sugar

For those of you who know me well, and those that don’t, I’ve been following the 5BX Fitness Plan with rowing and weights and other things thrown in 3 times a week for the last year and a half or so.

I drink protein shakes twice a day and on the days I work out (Monday, Tuesday and Friday) I eat eggs for breakfast.

Now I want to get my body fat percentage down further so I’m cutting added sugar out of my diet altogether and cutting down on unnecessary dairy products. The easiest way of doing this is cutting sugar from tea and coffee and milk from tea and coffee. Some people may think that’s boring but I need to work on something to push that extra bit without changing the way I exercise.

I will update soon to let you know how it goes.

To all the musicians no longer with us: Thank You!

Quite a prominent thing really but this blog post started to come about after I was listening to some things, and music by musicians no longer with us, and realised that really everyone owes a lot to these.

For whatever reason, almost certainly after their death, their music will live on. There are many, many, musicians who’re no longer around and who may have played or performed across various genres but together they have influenced and will continue to influence thousands and continue to please millions of fans.

This post is a token of my appreciation.

I guess simply put, I thank you all for the music and for what you did.

MG MGF Update 1 – List of things to do…

For all those that don’t know – you may want to have a quick read over the following post which will bring you up to speed:

This is as much a to-do list for me as it is for you to keep up to speed with what needs doing.

It’s just flown through an MOT (to my surprise) so no panic then.

  1. Exhaust blowing and CAT probably on way out but backbox certainly needs looking at. But only comment on MOT was that the backbox was blowing – on the backburner now then…
  2. I would like to fit stainless coolant pipes and replace the coolant header tank (filthy as result of HGF; yes, been there and had that before I bought!)
  3. Rust! There is a fair amount of rust on the n/s door and around window frame.  I have paint so just need to destroy that rust!
  4. Windscreen seal has had it and needs replacing
  5. Rear bumper is cracked and needs replacing (not critical, only cosmetic)
  6. Suspension needs pumping up!
  7. Electrics are good!

Here’s a pic of the car up on some ramps. I attacked all obvious points with copious amounts of WD40, spray grease, and treated the hood with AutoGlym Hood Cleaner and Protector.

Bluey on ramps

Bluey on ramps