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2012 – End of Year Roundup

In good tradition I am ending the year with a final roundup and quick wrap up before venturing out into the great outdoors for the NYE celebrations…

Another year on its way out and really what a year it has been!

I started with two goals:

  1. To get a new job – succeeded (now working for Interweave IT, Letchworth)
  2. To find a nice girl – succeeded

You can get anywhere if you work hard enough to achieve your goals but the main thing to do is not set yourself goals that are unobtainable.

Other things such as my exercise regime and love of cars has been maintained (with the purchase of an MG MGF for £500 due to an eBay auction not following through – will blog in early 2013).

Computers (and my Freelance work) are still going strong, and my love of music prevails. I aim to do more with my Label in 2013 as I’ve put that onto the back-burner during 2012 and let tick-over, but as always juggling several projects is a headache at times – it’s important to make time!

I also made it a priority to make more time for friends and family in 2012 and aim to continue this trend. I aim to read more too! More books, that is.

Again, and before long, I can see this becoming a lengthy spiel, so will cut short now. To everyone who may read this – all the best for the future!

Best wishes,


The importance of saving

I thought, seeing as it’s Christmas, I would post a useful and thought provoking post. You’re probably going to laugh at me.

It always amazes me how people can still be so immature when it comes to money… we’re in the middle of a double-dip recession after all.

I soon realized after becoming a car owner that I would be required to start saving. I made some right decisions (thanking my Parents) and I’m now in full time employment. I knew what I wanted to do with life, and stuck with it. Enough of that though, and back to the saving.

I have 3 bank accounts.

  1. Current Account (direct debits, car insurance, phone bill,every day expenses).
  2. e-Savings (online-only, general savings with higher interest, backup for expenses that can’t be paid from Current. Saving for ‘goodies’. ).
  3. e-ISA (£5,000 annual deposit limit tax-free, reasonable interest level).

I have a standing order which deposits equal amounts into both e-Saving and e-ISA accounts monthly, before I see it. Salary gets paid, money goes into savings, I don’t need to worry.

The e-ISA is a  deposit only account (money goes in but doesn’t leave). Saving for deposit on a house or something like that. You laughing yet? Thought so…

I’ll remind you that I’m 22… who’s laughing now.

Merry Christmas.