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MG TF Update 12 – 4-2-1 exhaust manifold!

So this was another ‘biggy’ so to speak and not that cheap either. It was something I’d been recommended to do and something that I thought would continue to improve the flow of exhaust gases from the vehicle and improve the breathing…

To brush up, the car has already had a closed induction kit fitted with cold air feed, as well as a TT Mk7 performance exhaust.

I had purchased the Janspeed manifold from PTP Performance and fitted by a mechanic friend as I’d seen the fitting wasn’t that simple and indeed some grinding was necessary to get the old flexi pipe away from the cat.

All in all good progress!

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The day I ran home from the bus stop…

Steve Jobs

The day, 11 years ago, when I ran home from the bus stop because my parent’s had bought a new iMac.

To many people that may sound ridiculous. Not as ridiculous as queuing up overnight for a new video game or trying to be first in line to pick up the new iPhone 5 maybe…. (I bought mine in a civilised fashion, from the store a month later)…

It’s something I wanted to talk about as it’s something clearly etched on my memory. Something that, on the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, is something worth talking about.

That occasion filled me with so much excitement and joy as an 11 year old boy and was something that continued to enthuse me and interest me so much every day and continues to do so.

That of course wasn’t the first time I’d come in contact with Mac – my Dad used them before that at his work and we had an LC 475 if I remember. We used to play Spectre on that – great little game.

As I type this up on my 2006 MacBook which is still going strong (just about) I’d like to thank Steve for what he did with Apple, and ultimately for getting me excited about computers in the first place and I guess if this hadn’t all happened I wouldn’t be where I am now… working for a successful IT company.

Long may it last.

RIP Steve. Thank you.