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Road to 50!

Koko club in London

View from the balcony

… pressups that is. I’m not quite that old yet. But, I guess, my intention in life is to make the most of every day.

Continuing: I went with my friend to London a few weeks ago for his 22nd Birthday and what a night that was. We started off in Stevenage, got a little tipsy, and then headed for the train at around 10:30pm or so… this was a good start. We’d all eaten and were having a laugh.

One of the guys we were with suggested that we go to the Dublin Castle – I’d not been there before but he promised that it was pub prices but not the usual price you pay, if you get what I’m saying!

First of all – the entry price of £3 was very reasonable. They sold cheapish pints (I went with Red Stripe if I remember and we had some shots). But the awesome part was the dancefloor/stage area where they had a DJ playing track after track of cracking tunes! So we had a boogie, and then after a couple of drinks here we went on to our final destination – Koko! The whole evening being slightly more inviting as a result of Birthday Boy getting guestlist for our group. We felt like VIPs taking the fast track entry. Lovely!

Mirror ball in Koko

Here we met some cool people and continued to have a good time until it closed. On leaving we walked to Kings Cross (now in the early hours of the morning…) where we had a McDonalds and then waited in the station.

Mirror ball in Koko

Now the next encounter – the British Army Captain of 28 who I mistook for an insurance broker… He had to show me his ID as I wouldn’t believe him. He was on leave for a week from Afghanistan to attend a wedding (over Jubilee weekend). To cut to the chase, I jokingly asked him to get down and do 50 pressups and he did – so that has now inspired me to work harder to achieve that (and after a night out too!).

I could go on but it was an amazing night!