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Being tall ain’t always that easy!

Especially not when it comes to buying clothes. Jeans in particularly… I have a 32″  waist (and aim to keep it that way for the while). I also have 36″ inside leg measurements for any trousers.

Trying to find a pair of jeans that aren’t a million miles wide is quite a nightmare, luckily it would seem that the 34″ (inside leg) skinny fit jeans I bought from Asos for £25 are long enough…only downside is that the front pockets are pathetic.

Slim fit I’m not so sure about but it’s probably worth a try. Next stop TopMan (who used to sell 36″ inside leg) jeans but now don’t appear to (sad face)

Share my pain!

I’m also keeping my eye on

MG TF Update 10 – New disks and pads all round

So, this came as an advisory on the service. Things needed replacing so I decided to do the full lot and be done with it.

I bought Pagid (OEM to Merc etc) pads and disks from Euro Car Parts for around £172. I was also going to give it a go at fitting myself.

I followed a very handy tutorial written by CJJ off the MG Rover .org Forums.

Tutorial for changing front AP Disks and Pads –

Tutorial for changing rear Disks and Pads –

With a little help from my Dad, I managed to do the work in a weeekend (front one day, back the next)… luckily the weather held off.

I saved myself money on getting them fitted, and by doing so, learnt a little more about car mechanics. The back set I more or less did myself 🙂

Result – a better braking experience and no more unhealthy sounding noises making for a better ride all in all.

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