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RIM recommended I don’t downgrade my BB OS, but I did anyway!

DM from BlackBerryHelp on Twitter

DM from BlackBerryHelp on Twitter

Yes, that’s right. I was left with a near useless BlackBerry Bold 9700 (originally shipping with OS 5) after having upgrading to 6. Normally an upgrade is a good thing, but it turned my previously very good phone into nothing more than an expensive paper weight.

As you can imagine I was not too impressed. I couldn’t find an obvious way to downgrade to a previous OS and as you can see from the screen shot I’ve taken, RIM weren’t too forthcoming with help…

There was no obvious way of downgrading to a previous OS from BlackBerry Desktop for Mac and I only found out how to go back when trying to upgrade! Yes, I’m fairly certain the only way you can attempt to downgrade is when clicking on the option to install/update software. (Don’t quote me). I eventually managed to downgrade to OS5 again from 6 and my phone is useable again. Surely other people experienced this issue? The 9700 is near useless running 6 but RIM didn’t seem to acknowledge this!

Either way, I’ve not been too impressed with RIM’s customer service, and their well publicized recent outage hasn’t filled me with too much confidence.