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MG TF Update 6 – New TT Mk7 Performance Exhaust

Exhaust fitted on the TF

TT Mk7 Exhausted - Fitted on the TF

It had been a long wait – but the wait was well worth it. This exhaust is great, quality is fantastic and it’s one of only a short run of custom exhausts for the MG TF designed by The Surrey Labs, England.

Cost – £329 –  but worth every penny!

We had to grind the old exhaust off and use some brute force as 8 years of rust and corrosion had ensured that it wouldn’t come off easily.

You can find the logs of the fitting on the .org Forums at the following link:

Next step is to fit an inclosed induction kit (but first of all I need some new tyres!). Watch this space…

The TT Exhaust Logo including motto

Loud enough to please, but not loud enough to be antisocial! I will post a video as soon as I get the chance.

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Steve Jobs RIP – My Condolences

Steve Jobs and Wozniak

Steve Jobs revolutionised the way people think, the way people work and the way people live.

The way people go about every day life will not be the same without them running into something that Apple have created or had influence over.

Words cannot describe how I feel.

My thoughts are with his family and all those who loved him – they aren’t in short supply.