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Responsibility brings speed, but speed brings responsibility too!

This post is aimed to be reflective, not arrogant, or big headed. It is also aimed to be an informative post reflecting on my story of being able to drive an MG sportscar at the age of 21!

My Dad is an IAM trained driver and has always taught me well when it comes to driving – I think I’ve learnt a lot from him. I’ve also been naturally cautious when it comes to driving and have attempted to be as sensible as possible.

I realized early on that there wasn’t much point in expecting too much and with insurance premiums being so high I set out to in an attempt to focus as hard as I could on driving safely and carefully – I had already decided the best thing to do was to wait until I was 21 before looking to upgrade my vehicle. I was driving a Corsa C 1.2 Design. It was a great car that I had both learned to drive in and that had been passed to me when I started my full time job, for which I required a car to drive. At this stage the insurance policy on the car also had to be changed so it was now in my own name.

I’d clocked up two year’s No Claims Bonus by the time I was 21 and had no previous accidents where a claim against me could be made. This lead me to hit Auto Trader in the search of something a little ‘nippier’. I had initially wanted a Corsa C 1.8 SXI but the insurance on such a vehicle was mad, insane even. I had really liked the Mazda MX5 – but didn’t like the newer models without the pop-up headlights. Later models also got bigger and ’rounder’. I was looking for a semi-reliable vehicle so the MX5 was out of the question – I might go back there in future for fun when I can.

This led me to look at MG’s. Previously unheard of by me, but the insurance and resale value of the TF – the newer model – was amazing. Compared to a Corsa C SXI certainly. What you were getting for your money was a serious two-seat sportscar with a hefty 1.6 or 1.8 litre engine fitted.

I went for the 1.8 litre 135BHP model (£3500) and am currently paying £1,100 or there abouts a year on fully comprehensive insurance with Adrian Flux. This is including the soon to be fitted performance exhaust (future blog post regarding that) and induction kit. Yes, tax is up. Double what I paid for the Corsa C a year, and yes it drinks more petrol. But it’s the most fun I could possibly imagine and has gotten me more interested in cars than I’ve ever been before! I’ve learnt a lot about cars and how they work since, as I have to work a little harder to ensure it runs smoothly.

My MG TF 135 in the rain

My MG TF 135 in the rain - I present 'Mollie'

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re a little patient, don’t go out and ‘modify’ your Corsa B and draw attention to yourself, but hold on and rack up some NCB and get yourself a whole loada fun! As of 4th September I’ve got 3yrs NCB.

But each day I still have to remember to be really careful with how I drive; I’ve recently been on an IAM trackday which has helped a great deal with learning how much I can push the car whilst still being safe. I recommend you do the same.

Want to buy an MG? Check out the classifieds here:

Happy to help if you’re looking – and remember drive safely out there – and no one, and I repeat no one, is an expert driver!