Monthly Archives: August 2011

A midnight stroll….

View looking onto Shillington

Peace - only two lights visible from Shillington

Well not quite that, but certainly early morning – this is what we did recently from Hitchin back to Shillington.

Under three hours, and after a night drinking. View above coming down the road into Shillington from Lower Stondon.

With the weather that night being lovely this walk was very enjoyable and much preffered to paying taxi fees of around thirty pounds!

And was a good opportunity to get some good conversation in!

MG Progress Update 5 – painting side grills!

These grills covered the air intake vents on the side of the car – previously going rusty but nothing a bit of Hammerite can’t resolve!

The front grill is also in need of a respray but this would involve removing the whole front bumper to do – so that can wait for a while. Plus, it’s more concealed than the rear intakes.

Had a little issue fixing the grills back in, we didn’t have the right glue and the stuff we used bubbled up, but the worst of it is removed and for now it will do!

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