Monthly Archives: February 2011

Times – ‘It’s me and Toby versus the World!’

Hi hi, you know when your friend sends an SMS with the line ‘It’s me and Toby versus the World tonight’ you’ve got to be slightly concerned…?

But it’s come as a result of a great friendship re-kindled… many years on! My good friend who I’d known since Middle School had last November suggested we get a Hotel Room at the Sun Hotel in Hitchin, as he’d been there before and said it was great!

And, now we’re working on a project together we’re meeting more often and the hotel, as opposed to the taxi option, is becoming more frequent…. no we’re not ‘gay’. I can see you thinking that right there….. it’s merely to save money! Nought wrong with sharing a room.

The hotel does excellent food, breakfast is included in the price (this alone is worthy of a large percentage of that price), and the rooms are perfectly adequate to return to after a night on the town.

The last few months have been some of the best I’ve had. Lets hope many more similar are still to come!

On that note, I’d like to say that Bliss is crap, Ivory never lets me in, and Que Pasa has shit beer.

Also that The Kings Arms and The Red Heart never let me down but should serve Staropramen!

Rock on!