Monthly Archives: January 2011

Finally found a girl I get on with, and she goes.

I introduce to you, Mollie the MG. Two seats, and a 1,8 Litre engine, and she’s a right looker.

Nice alloy wheels, and in a dark silver…. (grey)

She doesn’t take much to get her going quite nice; but to make sure she doesn’t run off I got to treat her gently.

You bet it’s the best car I’ve ever driven and the most fun I’ve had driving at 30.

Thanks Mum and Dad for helping pay the costs – best Birthday present I’ve ever had.

I entered 2011 with a blast, and partied good!

New Year's Eve Club 85

Up on stage at Club 85, living it

Happy New Year everyone. I spent my NYE at Club 85, Hitchin again and what a night it turned out to be!

The night was hosted by Rogue Music which is fronted by Charlie Frame, and is a Hitchin based music conglomerate. They put on gigs at the club and were asked to organize a party at short notice.

With four bands and 5 DJs and an entry price of £3 I am fairly certain it was the cheapest night out in Hitchin. (Some pubs were charging £10 just for entry, which is just mad)

Needless to say I had a bloody awesome time, the bands were great, the DJs played wicked music and I had much fun.

Cheers Charlie and co!